Digistan is an organization run by and for volunteers with an interest in specific open standards, or open standards in general.

The organization's mission is to "promote customer choice, vendor competition, and overall growth in the global digital economy through the understanding, development, and adoption of open digital standards".

You will find it interesting to join Digistan if:

  • Your business depends on technology. Digistan defends technology users by helping them identify vendor lock-in at all stages in a standardization process.
  • You make software that implements open standards. Digistan defines ways to measure how open a standard really is. If you use open standards, you should care.
  • You are involved in a standardization process. Digistan helps you promote good practices at all stages in the standardization life-cycle.
  • You are involved in standards advocacy. Digistan provides analysis and argumentation that you can rely on to defend open standards in public debate.
  • You are involved in standards regulation. Digistan helps regulators by defining tools to differentiate open standards from 'franchise standards'.
  • You study IT law, economics or politics. Digistan shows how a community can collaborate to defend important principles such as open standards from vested interests.
  • You are a translator interested in standards. Digistan is a global community and we welcome help to translate core materials into many languages.

Latest member updates

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