Nicolas Pettiaux

Nicolas Pettiaux

Interest in open standards:

  • personnal interest due to own concern by their necessity of use for interoperability and freedom

Track record:

  • initiator and maintainer of the website, set up to collect signatures and support to draw the European Commission IDABC attention to the need of open standards, related to the update of the European Interoperability Framework (see
  • main contributor to the first Belgian law proposal related to the use of open standards at the Federal Level in 2000 (Chambre des Représentants de Belgique, Proposition de loi relative à l'usage de standards de communication ouverts dans l'administration, Yvan MAYEUR (PS), Zoé GENOT (ECOLO), Peter VANHOUTTE (AGALEV-ECOLO), Olivier CHASTEL (PRL FDF MCC), Henk VERLINDE (SP), DOC 50 1022/001, 20/12/2000.)
  • Active contributor to

Declaration of interests:

  • I have no commercial interest related to the standard process. I am currently a physics and applied math teacher deeply concerned by the use of free software and open standards for their own sake.

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