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Please read the full membership policy before continuing. As a member of this organization you should also make yourself familiar with the other policies of the organization.

You may join as a member by stating your name and purpose via a wiki page. There are no membership fees. This is how it works:

  • You need a working internet connection and a modern Javascript-enabled browser that can handle "Web 2.0" sites.
  • You need to create an account on This takes about 5 minutes and is free. You can do this now if you are not already a Wikidot user.
  • You register as a member of this site,, which takes about 2 minutes. We'll explain how in the next section. The site acts as a "container" for all members.
  • You create a profile page on this site, which takes about 10 minutes. We'll explain how to do this in the next step. Your profile page tells others who you are.

Join the site is a collection of microsites, like www, policy, and this one. Each Digistan site has its own set of members, people who may edit wiki pages on that site. This site is the 'container' for Digistan as a whole. By joining or leaving this site you join or leave the organization.

To join the site, please confirm that you have read and agree with the membership policy by typing "I agree" in the Password field below, and then click apply!:

Please create an account and/or sign in first.

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it is worth it and is free

(If you are already a member of this site you will not see a password box.)

Create your profile page

Your profile page tells other members who you are. This transparency lets us work together better. If you find that people write inaccurate, incomplete, or misleading information on their profile pages, you can ask the Digistan board to take action.

Your profile page is a wiki page and entirely under your control - you can add anything you like to it, including links to other sites, your public calendar, RSS feeds, and links to your friends' profile pages.

Please enter your real name (first name and then family name):

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Please fill in the profile page, save it, and then come back to read the last tab on this page.

Current members

The current members are listed here.

The Digistan café

The fastest way to start talking to Digistan members is to come into the café. Currently we use email: join the email list. The café moderators may ask you to clarify your profile page.

Keep track of new members

This RSS feed provides the list of new Digistan members.